Financial support

Every year, the composers’ association distributes a number of grants that play an important role in stimulating the creation of new music and text.

The copyright organization Koda annually allocates 10 percent of its copyright revenues to making a contribution toward the creation of new music and text.

This cultural pool, Koda kultur, helps to ensure that a relatively small language area – with only about 5.5 million Danes - can still enjoy a vibrant music scene, anyway, with a point of departure in the Danish language and the Danish musical tradition. DJBFA administrates a small portion of these cultural funds.

DJBFA members as well as Koda members have the opportunity to apply for economic support for activities related to their work as composers.

Participants in work sojourns and in many of the association’s other activities are selected on the basis of a curated process, in order to make the most of the various activities.

Mainly, you can apply for DJBFA grants through DJBFA's Legatpulje. For further information about these grants in English, please contact