This is DJBFA

The composers' association DJBFA was founded in 1973.

As a composers' association, DJBFA focuses on helping to ensure the best possible conditions for bringing forth new music and lyrics in Denmark. DJBFA offers a wide range of members activities, all of which have the objective of inspiring – and contributing to – the creation of new music.

Moreover, the association is working politically on behalf of the country’s composers and songwriters: for example, in an ongoing dialogue with political parties in the Danish parliament, with the Danish Ministry of Culture, international composers' organisations etc.

DJBFA members pay an annual fee of 1,000 DKK.

An association steered by its members

Once a year, a general assembly is held, where the members of the association elect a board of directors.

The board of directors consists of nine composers including a chairman, vice-chairman and a business committee consisting of four people; this committee sees to it that the board of directors’ decisions are implemented in practice.

The current chairman is Anna Lidell. The current vice-chairman is Søren Krogh. They are both part of the business committee along with Jesper Hansen.

DJBFA / Composers and Songwriters is represented in a number of national, Nordic and international organisations, all of which are working to strengthen music and to bring about the best possible conditions for composing new music and lyrics.

(photo: Smukfest 2015)