Members’ benefits

As a member, you obtain a variety of benefits that are connected with your work as a composer and songwriter.

Here are a few of the members’ benefits:

  • The association has a number of networks and clubs, where composers and songwriters meet their colleagues. A network might focus on a specific genre of music – such as electronic music. The association, moreover, has members’ clubs where members meet at arrangements with selected themes. Members are regularly invited to DJBFA events.
  • Members of DJBFA have the opportunity to obtain legal advice. Our legal office can advise you on matters that have to do with copyrights, jurisprudential rights, credits and publishing contracts. You could, for example, avail yourself of this kind of advice should you find yourself in doubt about what your rights are in relation to copyrights or publishing contracts.

    The legal office, it must be stated, serves solely an advisory function and does not litigate lawsuits for individual members: Nor can this office bear the liability of furnishing DJBFA members with responses that are binding in a court of law.

  • Via the association, you can become linked up with MusicBusiness 2020. This is a professional team that has the aim of playing a role in bringing forth new collaborations among composers, on the one side, and business life or public institutions, on the other. It is our position that there are untapped resources among composers and songwriters which can be used in new ways in society. MusicBusiness 2020 also focuses on playing a part in seeing it to it that music will become an active co-player within the health sector. You can read more about the MusicBusiness 2020 initiative at
  • All members are automatically covered by a group life insurance policy. The group life insurance policy is paid through the contingent, is valid and in force for all full members up to the age of 70, and provides coverage in the event of death or the onslaught of certain critical illnesses. Furthermore, you also have the option to take out a variety of insurance policies at reduced rates: for example, instrument insurance