Michael Mantler: Comment c'est

Trompetist og komponist Michael Mantler har udsendt albummet Comment c'est i november 2017.

De medvirkende på albummet er Himiko Paganotti: vokal, Michael Mantler: trompet, David Helbock: klaver samt det 12 mand store Max Brand Ensemble dirigeret af Christoph Cech.

Michael Mantler om albummet:
- Comment c'est (How it is) is a song cycle for female voice and chamber orchestra. Wanting to use French, a language that so beautifully lends itself to be sung, I had long been thinking of using a certain type of voice from French popular music in a totally different and serious context. When the project finally came to be realized I luckily found a very interesting French electro-pop/jazz singer, Himiko Paganotti.

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