This is DJBFA

The composer’s association was founded in 1973.

As a composer’s association, DJBFA focuses on helping to ensure the optimum possible conditions for bringing forth new music and lyrics in Denmark.
The association offers a wide range of member’s activities and arrangements, all of which have the objective of inspiring – and contributing to– the creation of new musical material.

Moreover, the association is working politically on behalf of the country’s composers and songwriters: for example, in an ongoing dialogue with political parties in the Danish Folketing [national legislature], with the Danish Ministry of Culture, and at other places where there happens to be a focus on music and on giving rise to a vibrant cultural life.

Members of the association pay annual dues of 1.200 kroner.

The association is steered by the members.

Once a year, a general assembly meeting is held, where the members of the association elect a board of directors.

The board of directors consists of 9 composers who, following the general assembly meeting, convene with the chairman, the vice chairman and a business committee consisting of four people; this committee sees to it that the board of directors’ decisions are implemented in practice.

The current chairman is Susi Hyldgaard.
The current vice-chairman is Anna Lidell.
Currently seated on the business committee are, furthermore Søren Krogh and Jesper Hansen.

DJBFA / Composers and Songwriters is represented in the fabric of a number of national, Nordic and international organs, all of which are working to strengthen music and to bring about the best possible conditions for composing new music and lyrics.

(photo: Smukfest 2015)