In order be eligible to apply for membership in DJBFA / Composers and Songwriters you first have to be a member of KODA, the Danish copyright organization.

Moreover, you’ve got to be able to substantiate that you have earned a minimum of DKK 4,000 per year in KODA-payments in the past two years. Or, alternatively, that you have earned a minimum of DKK 30,000 in KODA-payments in the past year.

However, even if your KODA income is not commensurate with these minimum requirements, you can still become a “light member”. And there’s no charge for holding this status. As a “light member”, you’ll have the chance to take part in certain activities going on within the association.

You can apply for membership. Application for membership can either be made by phone or by a mail to the association´s secretariat. Should you need guidance, you’re most welcome to contact the association by telephone or by mail.

Send an email HERE.